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Fighting For Our Beliefs

As you have probably noticed lately, we are losing our democracy drop by drop. Let’s turn the spigot off and elect a solid conservative voice from northeast Tarrant County. Vote for me, Brad Schofield, for Texas House Representative of District 98.

Why Now...

Nothing is more important than family. We belong to a community of like-minded individuals growing our families here in northeast Tarrant County. We eat, play, and shop in our little corner of this world. We believe in personal freedoms, rights for the unborn, and economic prosperity. This is the “why” I am running for Texas House 98. Our lives have been jeopardized by illegal open border crossings, subpar energy policies, and schools improperly funded. Please help me make a difference in our way of life. Please support me as I run to make our conservative voices heard once again in Austin.

Why Me...

I believe you can’t just say you’re a conservative. You have to live it. My opponent talks much about conservativism, but his lack of action speaks louder than his words. He comes up short when he…

  • wants to Raise our property taxes to fund our schools instead of using state budget surplus money

  • doesn't vote to Ban gender modification surgeries on minors

  • allows minors to be Forced into gender modification procedures by voting for funding grants

  • votes Democrats into committee chairmanships

  • supports a liberal-minded Speaker of the House in order to be rewarded with House committee appointments.

  • votes to Impeach Republican Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General, because of nothing more than false democrat accusations. This action cost the taxpayers $4.3 million. Think about how this money could have been better spent.


It’s time to replace the incumbent with an individual that embraces your conservative values. We have enough RINOs in this country. Let’s try to have one less.

Why Donate...

We believe in a cause much bigger than ourselves. Our kids are counting on us, along with future generations. If good people don’t take a stand against liberal forces, then they will succeed in ruining our children’s lives. A line in the sand has to be drawn, and committed action has to be taken. Help me push back to protect our way of life and be a force in Austin that stands up for Texan family values. Donate right now to our campaign, and let’s make a difference for our families and the entire community of District 98.

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