Brad Schofield

                                                                                                    Keller ISD Board of Trustees place 6



Brad was Unchallenged this Election Cycle


Opponent:  Incumbent, Vice President of KISD School Board
Opponent Backed By:  United Educators Association
Reason Brad Ran:  KISD Administration and School Board approved raising property taxes, laying off a large number of teachers, and charging every child to ride the bus.  It was later discovered the district was not in a severe financial hardship as advertised to the public and had enough money to hire many of the teachers back and in 2013 returned to providing free bus service for those residing more than 2 miles from their school.  This was not a state funding issue but rather a district money management issue.  We needed someone with a financial background on the school board.
Voter Turnout:  Low
Election Results:  Brad won with 51.8% of the vote


Opponent:  KISD Citizens Bond Oversight Committee member and Co-Chair of the Vote Yes PAC
Opponent Backed By:  United Educators Association and former City of Keller Mayor, Mark Matthews

Reason Brad Ran:  He feels it is extremely important to have someone on the school board who has a financial background and who will be a watchdog over district spending.

1)  Brad was out spent 2 to 1 by his opponent.
     2)  Brad was only able to actively campaign for 3 weeks where his opponent actively campaigned against Brad for 3 months.
     3)  Brad’s opponent had twice as many road signs, newsprint advertisements, and poll workers.
     4)  Brad’s opponent even sent out push card mailers to voter homes compared to Brad not sending any.

Voter Turnout:  High
Election Results: Brad won with 55.3% of the vote